16th August 2020

We are currently installing in Serbia

We were approached through our Romanian dealer INOX Center to supply new side curtains systems to an existing dairy in Serbia.

The site is significant in size consisting of four main cubical areas each a length of 108 m, connected to a central milking parlour by a series of wide corridors.

In order to control the temperature and ventilation across all buildings a range of VVS sizes were supplied to offer both weather protection and ventilation. The complete site was supplied with a total of 32 individual VVS systems.

All systems were specified as R7 middle rolling, top opening, manufactured in M75 Green. Although typically this material is not used for VVS systems, the site location and the general weather conditions, alongside the building’s internal layout made this material the most logical and economical choice.

Each 108 m building is controlled from a V40 with full weather station, with additional V40’s and operational switches throughout the site to control the systems on individual connection buildings and the milking parlour.

The systems were installed by INOX Center with supervisory support from Galebreaker’s in-house installation team.