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Comanche Station

“I am not worried about Galebreaker’s guarantee; we’ve had a test panel of their product installed for over 6 years without a single issue. I want their material because it is the best in the industry and will outlast everything we are currently using”.
Ruben Roman, Sr. Operations Manager, Xcel Energy.

Spalding Power Station

“By 2006 we were experiencing significant performance issues with the ACC, and one of the main contributory factors were high wind speed conditions. Introducing Galebreaker Wind Shields as part of our ACC optimization programme has delivered excellent performance improvements throughout 2007 and 2008.”
Paul Hanson, Manager.

Barry Power Station

“It became clear that our southerly winds were causing pressure drops and maintenance problems on the ACC. We worked with Galebreaker who designed and installed Wind Shields to combat these issues, and now we have a low cost, maintenance free solution that works.”
David Snelson, Plant Technician.

Hsin Tao, Taiwan

“During warm and windy conditions the ACC unit at Hsin Tao in Taiwan had performance problems, particularly poor vacuum measurements at the outlet of the steam turbine. After fitting the Galebreaker Wind Shields these specific issues were eliminated.”
Colin Popple, GE Facilities Manager.

Caithness Long Island Energy Centre

“Due to the severe storms we can experience at Long Island, the fan blades at Caithness have to cope with the stresses from high wind turbulence. After fitting Galebreaker Wind Shields it was immediately clear that more uniform airflow entered the windward side perimeter fans. Initial testing has shown significant stress reduction on the fan blades.”
Gary Mirsky, Consultant.

North Battleford Station

“We were having wind induced vibration trips when our fans were operating in the 40 to 70% speed range. Up to 40 to 50 fan trips per day! The board operator’s main focus was to keep the fans running.
Since installation of the Galebreaker Wind Screens we have not had any fan trips whatsoever (zero). The Wind Screens have solved our problems with wind induced fan tripping.
“We did get some hoar frost buildup on the screen but within a day or two the shaking of the screens peeled the frost off. We have seen on one or two occasions high alarms on vibrations during some windy events but to date we have not had a trip. I think that we have seen enough different weather events to conclude the screens have been a success in eliminating our wind induced vibration trips. About the only event that we have not seen to date is a wet snow event, but we do not anticipate any problems. I would definitely recommend installation of Galebreaker Wind Screens to reduce wind effects on the fan blades, thank you for all your efforts in helping to get the screens”.
Richard Pratchler, Maintenance Manager

Comanche Generating Station, Colorado

“Have just recently installed your sample ACC screen on one of my cells. The Galebreaker design and installation is all zero maintenance etc. and is far superior than the plant designed screen I have. We have continual maintenance issues with ours, especially with the cable ties pulling out that support the screen.· I would have saved so much money if I was allowed to install the Galebreaker Wind Shields in the first place. I cannot wait for our plant installed screen to wear out so Galebreaker can be purchased and installed on our entire ACC.· The non-retractable Galebreaker screen works just fine for us, and again in the long run much more cost effective”.
Ron Lungu, Plant Superintendant.

Atlantic Power Corporation, North Bay Power Station, Ontario, Canada

“Progress has been excellent especially considering the weather conditions (-20 with wind yesterday and snow all 3 days) but the guys have been working diligently. From what I can tell, the job was handled extremely well. Andy ran them through the installation process and everything has been going well since. They’ve got all the panels up now and are just going through the final checks and putting the safety wire on. I think the pre-work and good design of the system were major reasons the project is being done in the short timeframe and without issue. I hope Andy has enjoyed working with the crew as I’m sure the guys enjoyed having him here to lead the job.”
Ryan Forget, Plant Manager.



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