Spanscreen Standard – Weather protection

Spanscreen Standard – Weather protection

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Spanscreen Standard

Galebreaker clip-on screen systems provide long-lasting protection against weather and debris.Ideal for screening off plants, waste and equipment, screen material is flame retardant, rot proof and fray & tear resistant.

A range of colours and fabrics are available, with £20 delivery on Spanscreen Standard orders under £800.

Maximum Width – 20m
Maximum Height – 3m

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We have a wide range of configuration options and available materials.

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Product Details

Galebreaker clip-on systems provide fast fit, long lasting protection against weather and debris.
Ideal for screening off plant, equipment or waste.
Temporary or permanent screening option
Flame retardant, rot proof, tear and fray resistant
Range of colours and fabric performances
We recommend one per bay/opening

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