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Mini Case Studies

Mini Case Studies

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With more than 35 years as an industry leader, Galebreaker is proud of the strong relationships we have developed with our clients, many of whom have worked with us throughout their careers. Below are some mini case studies showing the different types of applications and solutions we have supplied to our customers all over the world.

Preventing Birds from Accessing HVAC Equipment in Michigan, USA

Ford's Driveability Test Facility in Dearborn, Michigan

In partnership with Tower Service & Supply, Galebreaker came up with a fixed birdnet solution. The BN25 Birdnet Material was...


Фильтры-сепараторы для мусора в Альберте, Канада

ME Global

Installing a combination of Galebreaker screens around the perimeter of the air cooler stopping any airborne contamination but still providing...


Weather Protection in South Humberside, UK

Южный Хамберсайд

Freezing sea winds can penetrate deep into the plant and particularly into the sub-cooling instrument capillary lines.


Мусороулавливающие фильтры в Швейцарии

Завод по переработке отходов, Швейцария

Galebreaker wind screens with a specifically selected porosity to stop airborne debris but not completely block airflow.


Улучшение воздушного потока ACC в Массачусетсе

Дайтонская электростанция

Installing a cruciform configuration underneath the ACC with our patented M75 fabric.


Фильтрующие сетки для мусора на чиллере с воздушным охлаждением в Великобритании

Анонимный сайт

Debris Filter Protection in the UK Debris filter screens on an air cooled chiller


Winterization in Chicago

Chicago Area Tower

Retractable winterization screens for a counterflow cooling tower


Экраны воздухозаборников в Иллинойсе


Pre-filter screens for a gas fired cogeneration facility


Preventing Fan Trips in Saskatchewan

North Battleford

Reducing dynamic fan blade loading at North Battleford Power Station