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Maxidoor Pro Manual

Galebreaker’s Maxidoor Pro Manual provides an easy to use, quick access solution, ideal for reducing dust or debris contamination between areas, providing insect control and reducing heat loss. The door uses a fast opening chain drive with opening speeds of 2 seconds per metre. 

The Maxidoor Pro is suitable for internal and external applications. Galvanised, steel cowling is included as standard. 

Maximum Width – 6m
Maximum Height – 6m

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Product Details

Fast opening chain drive with opening speed of 2 seconds per metre.
Suitable for internal or external use.
Flyseal prevents insects, birds and debris entering the building reducing risk of contamination.
Galvanised, steel cowling included as standard.
Flame retardant, rot proof, tear and fray resistant material.
Range of colours and fabric performances.
Options include high corrosion protection, transparent vision panel.

Maxidoor Pro - Blue Material

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