Maxidoor Fold – Weather protection for large openings

Maxidoor Fold – Weather protection for large openings

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Maxidoor Fold

Galebreaker motorised fabric doors are made to exact measurements up to 20m wide and 10m high, operated via a simple hold-to-run switch. Delivers weather protection to large bays, or provides a secure barrier between work areas.Material is flame retardant, rot proof and fray & tear resistant, with a range of colours and fabrics available alongside a three phase or single phase motor.

Requires a technical site survey with full installation options available.

Maximum Width – 20m
Maximum Height – 10m

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Product Details

Motorised, fabric door spanning up to 20m width and 10m height.
Ideal for providing weather protection to large bays, reducing debris contamination, or providing a barrier between work areas.
Door uses building existing steelwork to operate
Three phase or single phase motor available
Controlled using a simple, hold to run switch
Flame retardant, rot proof, tear and fray resistant
Range of colours and fabric performances

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