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LNG & Petrochemical

Galebreaker specialises in designing and manufacturing fabric wind shield solutions for the LNG Gas and Petrochemical industry. For more than 35 years, Galebreaker has been designing, manufacturing and installing customized performance and protection shielding for many types of applications and markets including LNG Gas Plants, Petrochem sites and Air Cooler trains. Acclaimed for our operational excellence and innovation, we work globally with a network of clients to deliver long-lasting performance improvements. We can design permanent or temporary solutions that are lightweight, strong, easy to install, and fit to your existing structure.

LNG & Petrochemical Challenges

Поддержание воздушного потока

  • Сдвиг ветра и потеря воздушного потока
  • Снижение тепловых характеристик
  • Вибрация вентилятора 
  • Повреждение лопастей вентилятора
  • Рециркуляция

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Protecting Workers & Equipment

Extreme weather conditions can create challenging problems for workers on site. Our Wind Shield solutions help protect your work force from the extreme cold, high winds and rain. The weather can also damage sensitive equipment found in LNG Gas and Petrochemical plants and our protective shields can save time and money spent on costly repairs and maintenance.


Взаимодействие высоких скоростей ветра с горячими воздушными шлейфами от конструкции ППК создает сложные вихри, которые могут рециркулировать горячий воздух обратно в вентиляторы. Это повышает температуру воздуха на входе, снижая холодопроизводительность и тепловые характеристики.

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