2nd August 2022

How to keep your stable cool this summer

Keeping your horse cool during a heatwave can be a challenge, however there are steps which can be taken to make them as comfortable as possible while temperatures soar.

1. Use the darkness
A change of routine to avoid the heat of the day is a simple but effective way to keep your horse cool. If your horse is usually turned out during the day, consider keeping them inside while the temperature is at its hottest, then turning them out overnight. Likewise, riding early in the morning allows you to exercise your horse before the heat becomes uncomfortable.

2. Constant water access
Ensure constant access to water. Horses, like people, need to drink more in warm weather to stay hydrated. An automatic water trough is best to give peace of mind that they always have enough.

3. Continuous air flow
Ventilate the horse’s stable to ensure a continuous flow of cool air. Fans can be used to move air, however they cannot achieve an even distribution of air throughout the stable.
A VentTube system can provide clean, cool air at a constant rate, maintaining a pleasant environment inside the stable.

Respiratory health
As well as keeping the stable cool, a VentTube system can improve respiratory health. By ensuring the air enters the stable, moves through and exits, horses are not exposed to recirculating air which contains dust or disease.

George Scott Racing Yard invested in a VentTube after the team identified that inadequate ventilation could be behind the seasonal health challenges the horses were being affected by.

Assistant trainer, Alex Mant, explains:

“The air just didn’t flow well in the stable block, it felt quite stagnant, almost sticky.”

The VentTube was installed over winter and it was the following spring that the full impact of the new ventilation system was first noticed.

“When the weather warmed up in spring 2021 the difference compared to the previous year was stark. The barn felt fresh and cool, and the horses were thriving in training.”

Find out more about the experience of George Scott Racing Yard here, or call the team today to discuss how a VentTube system could be used to keep your horse’s stable cool.