Wind Protection Solutions

Don’t let high winds impact the performance of your cooling system

Wind Protection Solutions

Don’t let high winds impact the performance of your cooling system

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Wind Protection & Performance

When wind speeds pick up, they cause many issues for cooling systems, especially air cooled condensers. High winds cause wind shear and re-circulation, reducing airflow, causing changes in fan static pressure and increasing dynamic fan blade loading. Fan damage and increases in backpressure are common symptoms. Often during windy conditions plant managers have to reduce base load or “de-rate” their plant to keep running. This is hugely in-efficient resulting in lost energy production. 

Putting measures in place to protect your ACC or cooling system from high winds will protect its thermal performance. Our custom wind screens are the ideal solution

We use specialist CFD modelling to determine the losses you are facing from the effects of crosswinds. Galebreaker then designs a potential wind protection solution through the CDF model that provides a %age clawback of those losses. To find out more about how wind screens can benefit your cooling system, download our free wind protection guide.

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 Why do cooling systems need wind screens? 

Did you know that 75% of fan imbalances and blade trips in air-cooled condensers (ACCs) are caused by wind? Or that a 5m/s wind speed can equate to a 30% reduction in airflow.

Find out more about the damage high winds can cause to your cooling system – and the costs that it can create for your business – in our infographic. 

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The benefits of wind screens for ACCs

Our cruciform and perimeter wind screens provide the following benefits for your cooling system:

Optimised ACC performance

When strong winds affect your ACC, its thermal performance can suffer. Less airflow through the fans leads to increased backpressure, and less heat rejection. With our wind screens in place, you can stabilise airflow and fan static pressure, optimising performance. 

Lower maintenance and repair costs

Wind shear can cause serious vibration and damage to your fans. Our wind screens significantly reduce wind speed, preventing mechanical damage and ultimately fan and turbine trips.

A simple, lightweight solution

Our fabric wind shields can be designed to withstand wind loads of up to 120mph. UV stabilised, rot proof and flame retardant, they are incredibly strong and built to last. They can be simply installed using ratchets and hooks, with no welding or bolting required.

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Talk to our team today

If you want to protect the performance of your cooling system against high winds, our team are ready to create a custom shielding solution that’s perfect for your ACC. To find out more about our wind screens, talk to our team today.

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