Winterization – Minimizing the effect of icy conditions


Winterization – Minimizing the effect of icy conditions

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Failure to protect against low ambient temperatures can cause operational and performance problems and even structural damage to your air cooler or cooling tower equipment. Galebreaker manufactures and installs both customised fixed and rolling systems that fit to your existing structure.

Winterization Challenges

  • Freezing components
  • Structural damage e.g. fill pack collapse
  • Loss of heat
  • Water leakage
  • Decline in thermal performance
  • Expensive repair and maintenance

Winterization Screen Benefits

  • Maintains heat inside your cooling equipment
  • Prevents ice build-up and structural damage
  • Strong, lightweight, built to last
  • Fixed and Rolling systems available
  • UV stabilised, rot proof and flame retardant
  • Up to 120mph wind loading
  • Range of fabrics for custom fit

Protecting Air Coolers and Cooling Towers

  • Protecting air coolers
  • Protecting air cooled condensers
  • Protecting crossflow and counterflow cooling towers

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