Plume Abatement

Mitigating visible plume and reducing the risk of icy conditions

Plume Abatement

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Plume Abatement

Rejected heat from evaporative cooling towers can cause thick visible clouds (pluming) as well as dangerous icy conditions on the ground.  Galebreaker can use rolling doors or rolling screens to vary airflow at the right time to maintain plume abatement without affecting the performance of the tower.

Rolling Doors

Dependant on seasonal weather conditions, Galebreaker rolling door solutions optimise the flow of air through the wet and dry sections of the cooling tower. This maintains the coldest possible water all year round helping mitigate visible plume.

Rolling Screens

For larger plume abated cooling towers Galebreaker rolling screen solutions can be used to control the flow of air and protect components, particularly during the winter season.


  • Cost effective plume control
  • Reduces potential for icy conditions on the ground
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Rolling door and rolling screens solutions
  • ROI realised in increase generating capacity

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