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CFD Modelling

This customised service models the effect of wind on your heat exchange equipment, specifically fan flow rate, recirculation and dynamic fan blade loading. By quantifying the performance deficiencies caused by the wind we can measure how much clawback could be achieved with the installation of a patented Galebreaker wind screen solution. The modelling takes into account the positioning of buildings and structures around the plant and provides the optimum Galebreaker Wind Screen configuration for your site.

Fan Flow Rate

Cross winds create uneven and reduced airflow through heat exchange equipment, particularly the fans on the windward side of an ACC. Lower airflow results in thermal power deficiency. Wind screens can significantly modify the airflow profile underneath the fans, increasing fan flow rate and reducing ACC back pressure.



The interaction of high wind speeds with hot air plumes from your ACC, air cooler or cooling tower structure generate complex vortices which can re-circulate hot air back into the fans. This increases the air inlet temperature, reducing cooling capacity and thermal performance. Correctly positioned wind screens can mitigate the effects of recirculation and interference, and help claw back lost performance.

Dynamic Fan Blade Loading

Cross winds also create significant stress on fan blades that lead to premature hardware failures. Fan, motor and turbine trips are common symptoms of vibration or motor amperage overloads, all due to uneven fan performance. Galebreaker Wind screens “normalize” airflow across the fan cylinder, stabilizing pressure changes and removing dynamic stress on the fan blade. This can extend the life expectancy of fan equipment and save significant repair or replacement costs.

Solve complex problems cost effectively

When looking at performance improvement projects it can be extremely difficult to build a strong case without accurate data. By using 35 years of Galebreaker experience and CFD modelling, we can use numerical analysis and fluid dynamics to simulate the best performing scenarios. Answering feasibility and payback questions help us all make quicker and better informed decisions.

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