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Flexible offshore weather protection

Off-Shore Wind Shielding

Flexible off-shore weather protection

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Offshore wind shielding

Galebreaker wind shields are designed to protect personnel and equipment from the harsh weather conditions of offshore environments. Strategically positioned, they can play a critical role as workers use platforms, walkways, staircases, lifeboat stations and muster areas.

Made from extensively tested materials, our wind shields can be installed quickly as either temporary or permanent protection without compromising light transmission or airflow.

Minimise risk and improve productivity today with Galebreaker offshore wind shields.

Wind shield benefits

  • Protection against marine  environments  including strong winds and heavy rain
  • Lightweight, robust and durable
  • Marine grade fixings
  • Fixes to your existing structure – no drilling or welding required 
  • Safety wires for zero droppage
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Inexpensive to ship 
  • 6x lighter than traditional steel shields
  • Bespoke products for both  temporary or permanent solutions

Key features

  • Temperature range -30°C to +70°C
  • 75% Wind speed reduction
  • High UV and abrasion resistance
  • Total weight 1.25kg/m²
  • Wind load design up to 120mph

Fixings and safety

Galebreaker fabric wind shields feature a patented built-in tensioning system, making them quick and easy to install off-shore. All fixings are stainless steel marine grade (316 standard) and hot dipped galvanised. Protective wraps and stainless steel safety wires are also installed for health and safety to prevent  droppage.


Galebreaker heat shields  are designed to fit either onto your existing structure or subframe and a full specification document is available to assist you with design if required. We have flexible shield solutions for both temporary and permanent projects to suit requirements. Typically, when installing fabric, there is no additional sub-structure required.

The experienced Galebreaker team provides a complete service, from consultancy, site survey and shield design, to fabrication and installation supervision by qualified personnel.


We’re here to help – get in touch today to discuss your wind shielding requirements.

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