Offshore oil and gas

Customised wind and heat shielding solutions for offshore applications

Offshore oil and gas

Customised wind and heat shielding solutions for offshore applications

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Offshore oil and gas

Galebreaker specialises in fabric wind shield and heat shield solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry. Designed to protect both personnel and equipment from radiant heat flares and high wind speeds on oil rigs and FPSOs, our fabric shielding solutions are proven in tests to offer heat radiation protection up to 10kW/m² (3100 Btu/Hr/ft2) (leading to a reduction in radiant heat of 84.8% 300mm behind the shield).

With solutions  for both temporary or permanent use, our wind and heat shields have been carefully tested and designed for the offshore environment. Strong, lightweight and easy to fit to existing structures, they can help minimise downtime and don’t typically require any additional sub-structure.

For further peace of mind, our engineers hold HUET certification for on-board site surveys and follow-up inspections, and our Supervisors hold Off-shore Survival and HUET certification for installations. Get in touch to find out more.


Offshore challenges

Protect your workers and equipment

Oil rigs and FPSOs can be high risk environments. In the North and South Seas, in particular, adverse weather such as strong winds can be disruptive, and the ongoing danger of radiant flares requires constant protection. With Galebreaker’s heat and wind shields, you are protecting your workforce and equipment from the wind, rain and cold, as well as dangerous levels of heat radiation. 

Optimise drilling performance 

The weight of your shielding solution can have a significant impact on drilling performance. The more weight you add to the top of the rig, the less weight can be added to the drill string, reducing drilling depth. By using lightweight fabric shields you minimise weight addition to the rig. Galebreaker fabric shields weigh 2.5kg/m² and don’t typically require a sub-structure for installation.

Minimise downtime

As every Oil Rig Manager knows, when a shield is needed it’s needed yesterday. Speed of installation is crucial. Every second counts in the offshore environment when rigs have to shut down for maintenance. Fabric shields can be installed 25% faster than steel, ensuring your rig is back up and running quickly. 

Weight and transportations costs

Weight is also a challenge when it comes to transporting shielding solutions to offshore rigs. Fabric is lighter, cheaper and easier to transport or even air freight than steel.



Learn more about our offshore range by visiting our solutions page. 

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