Offshore oil and gas

Custom-made wind and heat shield solutions for offshore oil and gas rigs.

Offshore oil and gas

Custom-made wind and heat shield solutions for offshore oil and gas rigs.

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Offshore oil and gas

When you’re responsible for managing a high-risk environment like an offshore oil or gas rig, you need to know that you have taken every precaution in place to protect your workers – and your equipment – from harm.

That’s where Galebreaker’s specialist fabric wind and heat shield solutions come in. Independent tests and real-world applications have proven that our wind shields can significantly reduce the impact of winds up to 120mph, shielding your team from adverse weather. Our heat shields have been shown to offer heat radiation protection up to 10kW/m² (3100 Btu/Hr/ft2), reducing radiant heat immediately behind the shield by 83-89%.

With solutions for both temporary and permanent use, our wind and heat shields have been carefully tested and designed for the offshore environment. Our engineers can create bespoke, fully compliant solutions for your rig. To find out more, talk to our team today.


Are fabric shields right for your rig?

Steel shields aren’t the only way to provide heat and wind protection on your rig. Today, many oil and gas rig managers are opting for fabric heat and wind shields to help them too…

Keep off-shore oil workers and equipment safe

Oil rigs and FPSOs can be high risk environments. In the North and South Seas in particular, adverse weather such as strong winds can be disruptive, and radiant flares pose a real risk to workers. Tests have proven our fabric heat shields offer long term heat radiation protection up to 6.3kW/m² (leading to a reduction in radiant heat of between 85 and 89%), and our wind shields can withstand winds up to 120mph. We also include safety wires to eliminate any risk of droppage. 

Optimise drilling performance 

The weight of your shielding solution can have a significant impact on drilling performance, as the more weight you add to the top of the rig, the less weight you can add to the drill string, reducing your drilling depth. Fabric shields are lightweight – Galebreaker’s weigh 2.5kg/m² – and don’t typically require a sub-structure for installation, minimising any additional weight on your rig and maximising your drilling potential.

Provide a fast, flexible solution

When time is of the essence, fabric shields are the ideal solution, as they are around 25% quicker to install than steel shields. This means you can keep downtime to a minimum and get your rig up and running again quickly. So if you only need a shield solution for a short period, it makes sense to opt for fabric. It’s also much easier to create bespoke solutions from fabric shields, as the fabric can flex around awkward shapes and structures. 

Keep installation costs down

As fabric is lighter than steel, it’s much easier and cheaper to transport our solutions to your rig, no matter where in the world you are located. This enables you to keep your upfront costs down, particularly as fabric can be installed very quickly.



Talk to our team today.

Wondering whether our fabric heat and wind shields are the best solution for your rig? Our team have extensive experience in providing industrial solutions for offshore oil and gas applications – talk to them today to get their expert advice.

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