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Performance and protection

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Power Stations

For more than 35 years, Galebreaker has been designing, manufacturing and installing customized performance and protection shielding for power stations. Acclaimed for our operational excellence and innovation, we work globally with a network of clients to deliver long-lasting performance improvements.

Power Station Challenges

Air Cooled Condensers

  • Wind Shear and Loss of Airflow
  • Decline in Thermal Performance
  • Fan Vibration 
  • Fan Blade Damage
  • Recirculation

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Winterization is often required for industrial cooling equipment to prevent the damaging effects of high wind, low ambient temperatures, and icing conditions. Failure to protect against low ambient temperatures can cause both operational and performance problems. Extreme conditions can result in structural damage to the equipment such as water leakage and fill collapse.

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 The interaction of high wind speeds with hot air plumes from the ACC structure generate complex vortices which can re-circulate hot air back into the fans. This increases the air inlet temperature, reducing cooling capacity and thermal performance.

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Airborne Debris

Clogging and fouling of internal cooling tower components restrict airflow which results in a decrease in the thermal performance of your crossflow or counterflow equipment. Foreign materials such as airborne seeds, insects, bugs and debris are drawn inside the cooling tower fill and are often difficult, time consuming and expensive to remove.

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Plume Abatement

Evaporative cooling towers reject heat into the atmosphere in the form of warm saturated air. The larger the heat rejection, the more water will be rejected into the environment. Under the right atmospheric conditions this warm saturated air can cause thick visible clouds (pluming) as well as dangerous icy conditions on the ground. 

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