HVAC – Innovative solutions for performance and protection


HVAC – Innovative solutions for performance and protection

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Reduce time consuming and expensive HVAC maintenance with Galebreaker debris filters and air intake screens, designed and custom-fitted to your existing structure.

HVAC Challenges

Airborne Debris

Clogging, fouling and contamination of HVAC equipment causes many challenges for heat exchange surfaces and cooling performance. Foreign materials both organic and inorganic are naturally drawn inside air inlets, blocking fin coils and restricting airflow, which ultimately reduces cooling efficiency. Cleaning your internal cooling equipment should be part of maintenance routines, but airborne debris can often be difficult, time consuming and expensive to remove.


HVAC equipment is often very exposed to seasonal weather conditions and ice and debris contamination causes challenges for these heat exchange surfaces and cooling performance. Galebreaker manufacture and install both customised fixed and rolling systems that can fit to your existing structure providing a flexible, cost effective solution to extreme weather conditions.

Maintaining Airflow

Maintaining fan flow rate through the air inlet and not increasing obstructions or pressure drop is critical in enabling the fans to run efficiently. This can be achieved through our custom design and specialist fabric technology.



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