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CFD Modelling

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CFD Modelling

CFD Modelling is the modelling of fluid flow problems using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Using CFD at the beginning of a project can result in valuable insights into fluid mechanics performance, allowing for the optimisation of an installation before any physical work is carried out. This can significantly reduce the cost and time needed for product development.

We use the latest in CFD technology to provide a range of simulation services. Our typical workflow progresses from the optimisation of conceptual designs to completing the physical installation in situ, though we do offer CFD as a standalone service for those looking to lower costs and improve efficiencies on their projects.

Solve complex problems cost-effectively

When planning a project or designing a piece of equipment it can extremely difficult to assess exact specifications. With CFD we can use numerical analysis and computational data – partnered with industry best practices and expertise – to create virtual prototypes that are quick to test and easy to change. This significantly increase the chance of project success before work has even begun.

The importance of weather protection systems for the power and industrial sectors

As the market-leader in weather protection systems, we use advanced CFD Modelling techniques to accurately determine the right position and porosity of proposed wind reduction systems. We also provide cold weather and winterisation screens for wet and dry cooling applications. These solutions not only improve the thermal efficiency of power plants but help protect equipment from wind and the build-up of ice, which can cause unnecessary downtime and extensive damage to support structures if left unchecked.

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