Case Study

Thermal Performance Improvement at Anadolu CCPP

Case Study

Thermal Performance Improvement at Anadolu CCPP

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Anadolu CCPP is an 853 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, based in Kirkkale, Turkey. GAMA Power Systems and GE Energy as a joint consortium supplied and erected 2 GE 9FB gas turbines, 1 GE steam turbines, 2 Doosan HRSG’s, and an SPG Air Cooled Condenser. The project duration was 36 Months, starting in December 2013, and finishing with commissioning in December. Anadolu Combined Cycle Power Plant generates about 6,300 GWh Energy which corresponds 2.5% of total national Energy consumption and almost 50% of Ankara’s energy consumption.

The Challenge

The ACC at Anadolu was designed for 3 m/s wind speed. This is a very common warranty from the OEM and at 3-5 m/s the plant did not usually feel any adverse effects from the wind. However, the climate at the plant location is semi-arid and barometric pressure levels have been recorded at 990 mbar, with wind speeds reaching over 20 m/s (45mph). This makes the ACC unstable and was forcing a reduction in load on the gas turbines to limit steam turbine back pressure. Based on the dominant wind direction, which is from the south-west, the plant were convinced that strong wind gusts were crossing normal fan suction planes, which in turn caused static pressure differences around the fan and inside the fan housing. This gave the plant further mechanical challenges, particularly fan blade resonance and vibration issues leading to turbine trips.

The Solution

The first thing Galebreaker did was to study the plant through CFD analysis – this looked at the plant location, its proximity to other buildings and established the impact on the ACC under varied wind conditions. The study then predicted the optimum wind screen configuration to tackle these issues and predicted a 13.5% improvement in thermal performance. After checking wind loads and structural verification, 1,436 sqm of Perimeter Screens and 2,850 sqm of Cruciform Screens were purchased by GAMMA Energie and Galebreaker manufactured and delivered the entire solution to the plant location in Turkey. Our Installation Supervisor (Matt King) from Galebreaker flew to site to ensure the installation went smoothly from start to finish.

The Benefits

The Galebreaker Wind Screens proved a huge success for GAMMA Energie. The Perimeter Screens were a great solution to stop the effects of wind gusts and wind shear which caused all the mechanical and vibration problems on the Anadolu ACC fans. In addition, careful placement of the Cruciform Screens gave the plant an uplift in more stable air towards the fans, improving mass air flow rate and thermal efficiency. Below is a testimonial from the Plant Manager, Tanju Oral.

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