Case Study

Design and Supply of Wind Protection Screens In Saudi Arabia

Case Study

Design and Supply of Wind Protection Screens In Saudi Arabia

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Fadhili Combined Heat and Power Plant is a whopping 1,520MW gas fired plant located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, this plant also produces over 1,400tons/h of steam and over 700tons/h of feedwater to Saudi Aramco to support their processes . The plant is owned by Engie Energy Services, Saudi Aramco and Saudi Electricity and was commissioned in January 2020.

CFD Model of Fadhili

The Challenge

Engie contacted Galebreaker after carrying out extensive CFD modelling of their Air Cooled Condenser, which identified how wind was affecting the performance of their plant and mitigating wind screen solutions to improve performance. Galebreaker provided assistance during the modelling with details of available wind screen designs, including sizing and porosity of the wind screening fabrics to be used in the CFD modelling.

The Solution

Galebreaker carried out a detailed on site survey and worked with Engie to design bespoke wind screens in accordance with the results of their CFD modelling. These were manufactured to exactly fit the structure without the need to drill, weld or modify the steel support frame in any way. Once the manufacturing was complete, the screens were collected from the factory and delivered to site where under the direction of a full time Galebreaker Technical Supervisor the screens were fitted during the night to minimise the impact of shutting fans off during the hot daylight hours. A total of 20 large wind protection screens with an area of more than 130sqm each were installed in 2 weeks under the 2 x 24 cell ACC structures.

Fadhili Power Station

ACC Wind Protection Screens

The Benefits

  • Thermal Performance Improvement – Mass flow rate recovery through the ACC fans
  • Reduction in Re-circulation – decrease in the potential for hot air migration
  • Reduction in airflow mis-balance – decrease in fan vibration and the potential for mechanical issues

Muhammad Asim Ghafoor, Lead Performance and Reliability Engineer

“Regarding the project update which we implemented in May 23, we avoided plant daily de-loading on high vacuum during high wind conditions during the summer operating period. We have not done thermodynamic modelling yet, as we were satisfied with the first-year performance which is reflected in plant availability. I would like to thank you and Galebreaker being the project partners, for this successful project at the Fadhili site. This has been noticed by some other assets in the Kingdom, who visited our site to learn more about the Galebreaker implemented solution, as they have been facing similar issues. In fact, I have shared your contact details with them as per their request, to discuss their own plant related CFD analysis”.


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