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Case Study


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Galebreaker’s Industrial Team supported the ACC Plant Manager to analyse and resolve wind caused performance issues and fan failure at two of their sites in Pennsylvania.



The Challenge

The Patriot Generating Station is an 829MW combined-cycle power plant constructed on an 85-acre site in Clinton Township. They approached us to help improve wind protection and ACC function at two of their power plants: Patriot and Liberty, which are clean natural gas-fuelled, 829-megawatt combined-cycle generating stations able to supply power needs for up to one million homes.

The Solution

The power plants were experiencing ongoing operational problems and fan failures to the ACC, and were seeking an immediate, long-term solution.  Galebreaker provided CFD analysis of the wind effects on a two-unit 3×5 module ACC. The study allowed us to fully understand the requirements of the site, and to repeat the process at both locations.

We also provided structural analysis and verification of the new loads imposed on the ACC frame. We then recommended and supported the installation of perimeter wind screens (M50) and cruciform screens (M75).

The Benefits

The Galebreaker wind screens were designed to reduce the ACC blade load fluctuations and stresses, eliminating the fan blade failures. Additionally, the ACC’s thermal power, reduced by the moderate winds, was regained by the installation of Galebreaker wind screens.

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