Case Study

Aggreko Sound Attenuation

Case Study

Aggreko Sound Attenuation

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Galebreaker supplied a solution to provide sound attenuation screens to reduce the sound to an acceptable level.

The Challenge

Portable rental package cooling towers were installed along a river to provide supplemental cooling to an adjacent Power Plant. Approximately 1/2 mile away there was a sub-division which was complaining about the noise generated by the towers. Galebreaker supplied a solution to provide sound attenuation screens to reduce the sound to an acceptable level. What we were looking at was (12) total towers. These were the portable towers supplied by Aggreko. Each tower needed (2), 10’ long by 6’ tall screens for the two sides. Each of the (2) ends needed a 12’ long by 6′ tall screen. Therefore, each tower required (12) screens totaling 744 square feet or 69.12 square meters. There were (12) towers so we needed a total of 8,928 square feet or 829.44 square meters.

Aggreko had designed a plan to support these screens on some existing steel. They were responsible for all support design and installation. The screens were installed at a slant upward to direct the sound out of the stacks to the highest possible elevation. The screens were eyeletted for easy attachment.

The Solution

Although the complete job went rather smoothly, Aggreko felt the need to attach the acoustic screens to a plywood backing for a more secure installation in the case of high winds. There was some debate on what type of adhesive could be used to secure the screens to the plywood frame. Aggreko recommended and we used Dymonic® 100. This sealant is a high-performance, high-movement, single-component, medium-modulus, low-VOC, UV-stable, non-sag polyurethane sealant. It worked quite well. The overall objective of this project was a product that would solve the sound attenuation problem while at the same time be able to be secured and withstand the elements of an outdoor installation. Both of thesee objectives were accomplished.



The Benefits

The delivery and installation was on a very compressed schedule. Galebreaker met their delivery requirements but the installation proved to be a bit more difficult so insltallation was slower than expected. A sound test had been completed before and after the installatiion of the screens. Aggreko and the residents nearby were very pleased with the results. The facility was in danger of a law suit from the residents but after the sound attentuation was installed, those threats were dropped.

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