Case Study

Design and installation of industrial doors to mitigate winterization

Case Study

Design and installation of industrial doors to mitigate winterization

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Shute Creek Gas Plant

The Challenge

The Shute Creek Gas Plant is a large gas processing facility in SW Wyoming. In processing natural gas, the plant has supplied almost 25% of worlds helium demand. It is also one of the worlds largest carbon capture facility.  The aerial coolers for the acid gas injection process exhibited poor temperature control during colder weather. The main concern was cold air leaking though the louvers which can increase potential for hydrate formation. (Photo Credit: ExxonMobil) 

The Solution

To help mitigate air leakage through the louvers, Galebreaker supplied 18 rolling door systems with solid fabric. The rolling doors are located inside the plenum section of the aerial coolers, behind the louver face. The system featured manual chain drives for easy operation and robust locking catches to secure the system once deployed for the harsh winter conditions.

chain driven doors

cad image of rolling doors

The Benefits

The Galebreaker rolling doors effectively seal the plenum area behind the louvers, helping to maintain the production of products by reducing the potential for hydrate formation and improving controllability of the process. Nate White, Facilities Engineer at Shute Creek Gas Plant, commented “The rolling doors were very effective last year. There was a clear difference in the amount of cold air leaking through the louvers so that was very positive…we are excited to put them back into action again this winter”.

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