Case Study

Weather Protection Screens for the Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Case Study

Weather Protection Screens for the Heat Recovery Steam Generator

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South Humber Power Station is located on the North Sea shoreline on the South Bank of the Humber Estuary. During the winter, freezing sea winds can penetrate deep into the plant and particularly into the sub-cooling instrument capillary lines. If the air is cold enough and the wind is strong enough, this can lead to unexpected plant shutdowns.

The Challenge

The design of this station is based on an open steel structure which exposes many parts of the HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) system to the elements. The steel structure is complex and varied providing the necessary support for pipework, process equipment, valves and instruments, but is not specifically designed or very well suited to support any external cladding systems which could be used to enclose the equipment. The Power Station approached Galebreaker to see if it was possible to install wind protection screens to address this challenge and stop the problem of plant shutdowns during inclement weather conditions.

The Solution

Tailor made wind reduction screens were designed, manufactured and installed onto the unit by Galebreaker and rope access specialists, which had been carefully designed to fit into a number of different areas to offer protection to key pieces of equipment. Cladding systems require a suitable substructure to attach to, but Galebreaker wind screens can span distances of 15 to 20m without the need for intermediate structure making them the ideal solution for a structure that is non-uniform and hard to access.

The Benefits

Galebreaker has delivered tangible benefits for South Humber. The lack of structural cladding has now been covered instead by flexible wind screens which have stopped weather ingress into some of the intricate and sensitive areas of the structure, but crucially have maintained airflow where necessary. The wind screens have also successfully protected elements of the HRSG from damaging freezing conditions.

Malc Fleming first contacted Galebreaker in 2013 to address this problem and over the following 7 years has continued to add screens to further protect his plant;

“Galebreaker managed to create an interlocking matrix of screens that has exceeded station performance expectations and completely eradicated the unexpected weather related shut downs of the station”

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