Case Study

Improving ACC Airflow in Massachusetts

Case Study

Improving ACC Airflow in Massachusetts

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The Dighton Power project is a 165 MW combined cycle power plant based upon an ABB 11N2 single shaft gas turbine and an ABB steam turbine coupled to a common generator. The plant is equipped with a Nooter/Eriksen heat recovery steam generator and utilizes an air cooled condenser for steam condensing. Gemma served as the project EPC contractor, responsible for all aspects of site construction. The Dighton Power Project was completed in 1998. Dighton Energy Facitlity is currently owned by Starwood Group Global LLC and operated by NAES.

The Challenge

Customer had performance problems from prevailing wind creating a wind tunnel effect around the ACC, created by adjacent structures as well as fouling from cottonwood seeds in the spring. Many solutions were looked at with CFD modelling but the most cost effective was a cruciform configuration using M75 fabric. The objective was to improve the aerodynamics around the ACC and the fans to improve airflow and re-gain lost performance.

The Solution

After running different scnerios through our state of the art CFD modelling software, the optimum solution stood out as a cruciform configuration underneath the ACC with our patented M75 fabric. 12 bays were covered in total each approx. 11m x 7.5m (36ft x 25ft) – 4 in the north/south orientation and 8 in the east/west configuration and the installation took about 1 week to complete.

The Benefits

The new owners Starwood Energy have been extremely pleased with the the installation. A reported 2.9 MW improvement performance improvement has been realized. Another consideration/concern was the accumulation of snow and/or ice on the Galebreaker wind screens – Bob Bach the Maintenance Manager said the air flow around the screeens causes them to gently vibrate whcih causes any snow or ice to fall straight off.

Bob Bach, the Maintenance Manager at the plant says that with the windscreen installation the plant has seen a 5% performance improvement on their 50 MW steam turbine.

“The wind screens are performing well. Reviewing plant performance snapshots on the effects of the wind screens our data shows around a 2.9 MW combined cycle increase.”

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