Case Study

Deer Creek

Case Study

Deer Creek

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Galebreaker Industrial worked with Kipcon to develop a solution for winterization issues at this plant in South Dakota.

The Challenge

Discussions regarding this project started at the ACCUG Meeting in 2014 and centered around freezing issues. Discussions continued off and on for a few years an finally an order to do a CFD Analysis was obtained in October 2018. This was followed by an amendment to add the site survey and structural analysis. Galebreaker Industrial did the site survey together and Kipcon did the structural analysis, which indicated the need for some stuctural reinforcement. The customer used his own structural engineer to design the reinforcement. The order for the material was received in August, 2019 and the material was received on site in October, 2019. Installation of the wraps started October 31.

The Solution

The CFD analysis indicated that perimeter and cruciform screens would help prevent freezing during windy cold weather.



The Benefits

The original design of this ACC by SPX included wind screens installed one bay back. Galebreaker’s CFD analysis found a special configuration of a perimeter plus cruciform screen using a combination of fabric densities that will protect the ACC from freezing as well as providing better thermal performance in the summer.

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