24th January 2022

How to protect data centres from harmful debris

Data centers are the backbone of modern society, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the functionality and expansion of our businesses. They are mission-critical, supporting the essential technologies and systems that underpin our operations. Without these data centers, many of the tools and services we depend on for business growth and operation would simply not be feasible. Furthermore, safeguarding data centers from potential debris is of paramount importance to maintain their uninterrupted operation and preserve the integrity of the vital data they house.

There is no time for downtime in a data centre – every moment is crucial. Because they are full of sensitive IT equipment and machinery, they are also susceptible to damage from airborne debris. This damage can sometimes be catastrophic. 

Data centres require reliable protection from airborne seeds, insects, pollen and leaves. sophisticated cooling systems can be easily disrupted by external airborne debris, such as seeds, leaves, insects and litter. These airborne elements are naturally drawn inside air inlets, blocking fin coils and providing a potential food source for bacteria. What is the solution?

How Galebreaker can help

Galebreaker provides world class debris screens to some of the largest technology and data centre companies in the world. Designed to withstand speeds of up to 60mph, we use specially designed fabrics to help maintain airflow while providing the utmost in protection. 

With Galebreaker debris filters strategically installed in key areas, your data centre will be

  • Protected from harmful airborne debris such as seeds, leaves and litter
  • Benefit from reduced maintenance costs
  • Be more energy efficient 
  • Ultimately be more environmentally-friendly

For more information on how we help protect data centres from harmful debris, download our latest case study.