17th February 2022

How to protect ACCs and air coolers from wind-related issues

Wind is one of the most common causes of performance and mechanical issues in ACCs and air coolers. Wind speeds above 5m/s will affect thermal performance and recirculation of hot air will put dangerous pressure on fan blades and gears. This will reduce performance dramatically over time and can cause potentially catastrophic damage if not solved. 

The impact of crosswinds on mechanical equipment

  • Dynamic fan blade loading
  • Changes in fan static pressure
  • Stresses on mechanical equipment
  • Fan, gear reducer and motor damage
  • High maintenance costs

The impact on the ACC

  • Wind shear
  • Increases in back pressure
  • Reduction in airflow
  • Increased recirculation
  • Decline in thermal power

Galebreaker windscreen solutions can help stabilize fan static pressure, reduce dynamic fan blade loading, prevent turbine trips and help to claw back lost power. In our latest guide for ACCs and air coolers, we explain how to identify and solve wind-related issues quickly and efficiently using custom-fitted screens. Download your free copy here.