17th September 2021

Galebreaker becomes accredited designer of Positive Pressure Tube Ventilation Systems

Following in-depth training provided by the University of Wisconsin, Galebreaker is now accredited to design PPTV systems in-house. The University of Wisconsin is widely accepted as the leading organisation in the field of livestock housing and dairy cow welfare, and have been at the forefront of research into ventilation tubes for many years.

As the design and layout of every building is different, the design of the ventilation system must also change to ensure the optimum conditions are met. This is achieved through the use of a dedicated calculation process, which accounts for the building dimensions, the fan output capacity, tube position and the stock age, type and density.

More information about Galebreaker’s VentTube range including Fresh for youngstock, and Cool for older livestock can be found here: https://galebreaker.com/mechanical-ventilation-systems/