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Filtres à débris en Suisse
Preventing Airborne Debris Contamination

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Debris Filters in Switzerland Preventing Airborne Debris Contamination

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The Problem

To prevent the contamination of wood chip, paper and other pieces of waste material leaving the recycling depot and entering areas outside the plant.

The Solution

Galebreaker wind screens with a specifically selected porosity to stop airborne debris but not completely block airflow. The supporting poles that hold the screen are driven 6 m deep into the ground to ensure stability from the wind.

The Benefits

Calmer conditions within the compound. No transfer of debris or waste paper products outside the recycling plant. A specific problem solved was also stopping contaminated debris being blown by the wind into surrounding agricultural fields with crops.

The installation is now over 10 years old and the owners are still extremely pleased that the wind screens are still providing protection for the recycling depot ans still in excellent condition

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