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Agridoor Electric

The Agridoor Electric is a sectional, fast operating door with the features and benefits of our Manual Agridoor. Two options available: Basic, operated by a push switch, and Premium, operated by the VentLogic AD10 controller and remote control unit.

Maximum Width – 6m
Maximum Height – 6m

Doors which are larger than 5.5m in width, which are manufactured in M90 or Solid material may benefit from an additional wind protection kit to prevent damage caused in windy locations. Please speak to the Sales Team about this option.

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Agridoor Electric Basic Option

Operation speed of 9 sec/m allowing for quick and easy access
Fully automatic locking catches for secure locking and tensioning of panels
Hold-to-run switch making it easy to operate and safe

Agridoor Electric Premium Option

Operation speed of 9 sec/m allowing for quick and easy access
Automatic catches for automated secure locking and tensioning of panels
Optical Safety edge 
AD10 providing wireless connection between receiver and transmitter
Auto Close Feature
Manual override in case of electricity malfunction
Remote control, allowing for the control of up to 8 Agridoors and up to 10 remote controls per Agridoor


For detailed technical information and installation instructions, refer to the guides below.


Weather ProtectionTickRegular AccessTick
VentilationTickElectric DriveTick
Made in the UKTickRemote OperationTick
10 year guarenteeTickFabric OptionsTick
Full Height ProtectionTickFlame RetardantTick
Protection to gate or feed fenceCrossSelf-fitTick

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