Case Study

Reducing the impact of crosswinds and recirculation in Sleaford, UK

Case Study

Reducing the impact of crosswinds and recirculation in Sleaford, UK

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The 38 MW Sleaford renewable energy plant has been in commercial operation since September 2014 . It generates enough electricity to power 65,000 homes using sustainable fuel sources saving 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum helping the UK achieve its renewable energy targets. The plant is a multi-million pound investment for the local economy and created up to 300 jobs during construction and now supports more than 80 local jobs. The plants proven technology is designed for the clean and efficient combustion of straw (the by-product of wheat production) secured mainly from farms within a 50 mile radius of Sleaford. Any ash produced by the plant is recycled as crop fertiliser, and any surplus heat is used to heat Sleafords public swimming pool.

The Problem

As part of a major performance enhancement project to improve the power generating capacity of the power station, Sleaford Power undertook a study with Natural Power to look at various aspects of the plant to help improve performance. As part of this study it was identified that the output was affected by high winds that occurred for more than half the year.

The Solution

Wind reduction screens were designed, manufactured and installed onto the unit by Galebreaker, whilst the ACC was in full commercial operation, with the installation of 15 screens taking a total of 3 days around the perimeter of the ACC to reduce the effects of cross wind and recirculation, and the installation of 5 low level screens to improve airflow into the 6 large fans on this ACC.

The Benefits

The wind screens are to be installed by the Spring 2021, so we will report back later in the season!


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