Air Coolers at ME Global Glycol Facility


Air Coolers at ME Global Glycol Facility

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Air Coolers at ME Global Glycol Facility – Prentiss, Alberta

The poplar fluff screens installed around the motor support frame were significantly restricting air flow to the cooler.


Reduce the effects of clogging by the poplar fluff and to make it easier to clean the screens.

Die Lösung

Install Galebreaker screens around the perimeter which will allow more airflow.

Galebreaker Solutions

Screens were installed in 2019 delivering a series of benefits:

  • much bigger surface area to minimize impact of poplar fluff
  • improve aerodynamics of air flow into the fan
  • easy removal of screens for cleaning and maintenance access
  • minimize hot air recirculation (we did not notice any hot air recirculation during the test, but there was very light wind at the time

The support structure overall foot print is roughly 12′ wide x 26′ long and is 8′ off the ground.



“We protected the screen from anything rubbing it and it doesn’t appear to be susceptible to damage in any way. We were quite impressed with the quality of the product as well as instruction detail and layout.”


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