Debris filter screens on an air cooled chiller


Debris filter screens on an air cooled chiller

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Air cooling requires a large amount of ambient air to take heat away from a process, this air often contains impurities that can settle on the surface of fin coils which build up making the units less efficient. Impurities that build up on coil surfaces reduce the amount of air flow through a unit by increasing the air side pressure drop, and also act as a thermal barrier to this air flow by preventing the air from coming into direct contact with the cooling surface reducing the effectiveness.

The Solution

External air filtration screens capture airborne debris in a location that is easy to clean. Continuous supporting rails attached to the equipment spread the load evenly along the filter material which is weighted down by a tube and clipped to the equipment resulting in a filter that is easy to remove for maintenance and offers complete coverage of the coil surfaces.  

The Benefits

Improved performance of the air cooled chillers through running more efficiently. Less cleaning required and a substantial reduction in repairs and maintenance of costly chiller components.


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