Reducing Airborne Debris and Recirculation


Reducing Airborne Debris and Recirculation

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MEGlobal is a fully integrated supplier of ethylene glycol (EG). EGlobal manufactures 2.3 million tons annually (MTA) of EG at its manufacturing plants in Alberta, Canada and Texas, USA.

The Challenge

The customer was facing airborne contamination challenges on site, specifically from poplar fluff that was getting entangled inside the air cooler fins. Poplar fluff screens were already installed around the motor support frame but they were significantly restricting air flow to the cooler. Air flow testing determined that the galvanized screens they had in place (directly under the fans) was limiting airflow and having a detrimental impact on cooling performance. Removing the screens would also leave personnel exposed to fan rotating equipment.

The Solution

Installing a combination of Galebreaker screens around the perimeter of the air cooler stopping any airborne contamination but still providing plenty of airflow with no impact on cooling performance. Our M60 fabric was designed specifically for this project to meet easy cleaning requirements as well as special designed hooks to fit the existing structure.

The Benefits

Screens were installed in 2019 delivering a series of benefits:

  1. Minimize the impact of poplar fluff and airborne debris
  2. Improve air flow into the fan maintaining cooling performance
  3. Reduced hot air recirculation
  4. Easy cleaning and maintenance access
  5. Protection of workers from rotating equipment


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