Your Guard Against the Elements

Fabric Engineered Access Solutions

Your Guard Against the Elements

Fabric Engineered Access Solutions

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Access Solutions

At Galebreaker, we don’t just provide doors; we provide solutions tailored to your unique needs. Explore the Maxidoor range and open the door to a new era of flexible, reliable, and visually appealing access solutions. All Galebreaker Door systems comply with European Standard EN13241 giving you the peace of mind that your employees and customers are safe.

Doors for Industry

Discover the ultimate in flexible access solutions with the Galebreaker Maxidoor range, designed to meet the diverse needs of various scenarios. Whether you require manual mesh-ventilated doors or the convenience of remotely controlled doors with top-notch weather protection, our range has you covered.

What sets Galebreaker apart is our exclusive use of heavy-duty, PVC-coated polyester fabrics. Engineered for durability and performance, our fabrics boast an impressive tensile strength of up to 5.4T, ensuring reliability in every application.

Choose from our selection of permeable fabrics, ideal for optimal ventilation, or opt for solid and solid translucent fabrics that provide unparalleled weather protection and light transmission. The flexibility is yours to command.

Not just about performance, our fabric materials also come in a spectrum of colors carefully curated to complement buildings and align with company color schemes. Elevate the aesthetics of your space while enjoying the benefits of Galebreaker’s industry-leading technology.


Wide span openings

Galebreaker doors redefine possibilities, spanning up to an impressive 20 meters in width. For openings where maintaining a clear and expansive entrance is crucial, our robust yet lightweight doors are the epitome of efficiency. Not only do these doors optimise internal working conditions, but they also serve as a cost-effective access solution that seamlessly blends reliability with weather protection.

Galebreaker doors not only meet the demands of wide openings but also offer a perfect balance of durability and cost-effectiveness. Whether you are looking to streamline your operations or shield your space from the elements, Galebreaker doors are the answer.

Explore the Trackscreen, Galebreaker’s sliding curtain door, and witness its impact in real-world scenarios. Dive into our captivating case study featuring the Infantry Training Centre, where our doors played a pivotal role in transforming the space. Discover the innovative applications of Galebreaker technology, setting new standards in door functionality and performance.