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Fabric Engineered Access Solutions

Your Guard Against the Elements

Fabric Engineered Access Solutions

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Access Solutions

Bespoke industrial grade doors, providing ventilation and light transmission whilst protecting from extreme weather. All Galebreaker Door systems comply with European Standard EN13241. 

Industrial Doors

Maximum size: 10m x 10m

Fully adjustable to fit any opening up to 6m wide x 6m high. High tensile galvanised steel wind bars together with nylon bearings and gears ensuring long service life. Backed up by Galebreakers extensive testing of up to 10,000 operations.  

A door range designed to give flexibility to the Commercial sector, we can offer access solutions to suit all scenarios; from manual mesh ventilated doors to remote control bespoke site packages. 

Galebreaker exclusively works with heavy duty, PVC coated polyester fabrics. We have a range available up to 5.4T tensile strength. We can offer permeable fabric for ventilation, or solid and solid translucent fabrics for ultimate in weather protection and light transmission.   All fabric materials come in a range of colours designed to suit buildings and company colour schemes.

Wide span openings

Maximum size: 20m x 10m

Wide access vertically folding doors, specifically designed for clear spans up to 20m wide. We can create a cost effective access solution to optimise internal working conditions as well as weather protection. 

These are the ideal doors where maximum ventilation and light transmission to the internal space is required. Two grades of mesh material are available – 25% or 10% permeable.

Sliding curtain door system

Maximum size: 20m x 5m 

Wide access horizontal opening sliding curtain doors. Running on an overhead tracking system with no loss of access height, our sliding curtains doors are a cost effective solution to providing weather protection and ventilation. 

A wide range of fabric and colour options to suit every situation.