Case Study

Ash Bunker

Case Study

Ash Bunker

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Galebreaker’s Industrial team supported a client to bridge gaps in their ash storage bunkers, by supplying cost-effective and easy to install wind protection screens. 



The Challenge

The client was an operational waste-to-energy facility specialising in renewable electricity for local services in the UK. Ash is a key waste product used in the client’s processes. After the incineration of waste materials, the non-combustible elements that remain need to be cooled and managed, so they are stored in large bunkers for loading onto transports.

While the ash storage bunkers at the client’s site offered some protection from the wind, large gaps in the structure meant that it still passed through, picking up debris and contaminating the raw materials.

In addition, as the ash is lightweight, it too could be easily transported by the wind to areas where it had the potential to cause disruption on the site, making a solution necessary for health, safety and equipment protection. However, some ventilation still needed to be permitted, meaning a solid seal was not viable.

The Solution

Having liaised with the client to see what solution and product would best meet their needs, we recommended the installation of M75 mesh screens to the open areas of the structure.

This reduced the speed of the wind through the structure by more than half, thereby also limiting the amount of ash that is carried by the wind, out of the bunkers and across the site.

The Benefits

The M75 lightweight wind shielding requires no additional substructure, making it an extremely cost-effective alternative to cladding systems, whilst also providing immediate results. Meanwhile, the porous structure of the mesh still allowed for some light air to circulate through the bunker. The clip on screens were quick to deploy requiring minimal time on site for the Installation Team.

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