International Plywood is a family run business, originally set up by David Tweedmill in early 80s. We are the main importers of plywood into the country for major distribution throughout the UK.  The company outgrew our old premises, so had a purpose-built premises and warehouse constructed. Originally, we were only planning on having an open-sided storage area to keep stock in. However, the wind was so strong that, in bad weather, we noticed water was being pushed right into the back of the building, damaging stock. We looked at various options with our architect, to overcome our issue of the ingress of water and damage to stock.

How did you first hear about Galebreaker and our products?

Word of mouth recommendations and seeing them used on local buildings.

What criteria did you use to evaluate and choose our solution over alternatives?

Because our building was being built to order, we discussed various options with our architect. In the end it came down to Galebreaker being the best solution for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

What specific benefits or improvements have you experienced since using our doors?

The wind is extremely strong at our site just outside of Gloucester. But, despite the wet weather we’ve been having (it hasn’t stopped raining for about 5 months!), there has been no water ingress and no damage to stock whatsoever.

Are there specific functionalities that stand out as particularly beneficial?

Firstly, it works very efficiently. No ingress of water and no damage to stock. Secondly, despite having a large workforce, the doors are easy to operate by everyone.
Every member of the team has been able to operate the doors in a safe and efficient manner.

How would you describe the overall experience of our products?

In one word – easy! From placing the order to fitting and servicing, the entire process has been very straightforward.


“The product does exactly what is say on the tin. The building we’ve had installed is part of a multimillion-pound project. We’ve had no end of issues with the building itself, but the only thing that hasn’t cause us any issues is the doors. They are used continuously every day and they have never caused a single problem!” 


      Maxidoors at International Plywood       

   Looking out through Maxidoor Pro Plus


We captured this video of the installation process with a timelapse camera: