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Danzas AEI Intercontinental create new dynamic environment for handling pharmaceuticals

Opened in May 2002, the 140,000 square feet Danzas AEI Intercontinental UK Airfreight Hub is the largest dedicated air freight facility in the Heathrow area and is also a gateway for ocean cargo. One third of the total warehouse area has been given over to create a dedicated stand-alone pharmaceutical unit. The design priorities of the facility were to create a totally separate area within which a temperature of between 18 / 25° Celsius could be maintained. After reviewing the options available to them Danzas AEI Intercontinental awarded the contract for creating the segregated area to Galebreaker. Galebreaker’s Flexipart is a made to measure strong reinforced fabric, self-supporting, partitioning system. More economical to install than solid walls Flexipart has additional benefits:

• If required the structure can be moved to increase or decrease the area contained;
• The partition reduces heat loss and energy wastage, in line with the climate control levy;
• There is no limit to the physical size that a system can be built to;
• Flexipart is very cost effective for large-scale requirements.

Having established a clear outline of their requirements Danzas AEI Intercontinental worked with Galebreaker to create a separate, demarcated, temperature controlled environment for pharmaceutical product storage. Galebreaker’s flexible partitioning system was needed to create the new storage area within the existing warehouse. Five rapid rise doors give access and egress to the area. The automatic and fast operation of the doors allows rapid traffic flow through them while helping to maintain the temperature within the area. Pedestrian doors have a swipe card access system and all doors can be immobilised for added security. Galebreaker also fitted 2.5 metre high steel partitioning along the base of the structure, colour coordinated to match the Danzas AEI Intercontinental corporate image.

Galebreaker were given eight weeks to construct, install and commission the system. Bob Bray, Danzas AEI Intercontinental’s UK Transport and Warehouse Manager, “One reason for choosing Galebreaker was the exacting time scales. They worked closely with us and we achieved the critical completion dates. We are very happy with the outcome and our customers are very pleased with the new facility.”

The operation at Hayes is impressive. To meet the needs of their customers Danzas AEI Intercontinental have taken advantage of Galebreaker’s flexible partitioning system and have created a contained facility which is high quality, aesthetically pleasing and enables them to deliver the service their customers want at high speed.