After her family’s dairy farm was sold in 2007, Molly’s passion for cows took her to Canada to learn more about the Holstein breed. There, she spent four years working, and ended up bringing some cow embryos back to the UK to start up her very own breeding business!

Panda Holsteins has since expanded into a successful international company, renowned for their Red and White Holsteins. Two years ago, Molly decided it was time to upgrade her calf housing to give her pedigree show stock the best possible environment to grow strong and healthy.

“Cow comfort is a priority for us, and any farmer who doesn’t look after their baby calves is losing money.”

Having seen the VentTube Fresh in action at shows she visited, Molly decided that this would be the perfect solution to provide a consistent and controlled airflow to the building.

“A key feature of the new calf barn was the VentTube, to allow fresh air into the environment and blow out any stale air. Even when the barn is full of calves, you won’t smell any muck in there. And since the barn has been built, we have not had one poorly calf.”

The Panda herd’s cow shed also features a variety of mesh Rollerscreens to maximise ventilation while protecting the cows from harsh winds and driving rain.

“Ventilation is important for both the calves and mature animals as it helps with fertility, and our business is revolved around fertility!”

This year, Galebreaker will be keeping an eye on the shed’s THI (temperature humidity index) as part of our THI-Live.com project – check it out!