ACCED Project: Revolutionising Dairy Farming with Artificial Intelligence

Galebreaker and Smartbell’s recent ACCED project analysing the impacts of heat stress on cow behaviour and production on two commercial UK farms has provided valuable insights to support the dairy industry.

Galebreaker and Smartbell are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Animal Centred Controlled Environment for Dairy (ACCED) Project, a ground-breaking feasibility study aimed at revolutionising dairy farming practices with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

The project, funded by Innovate UK, aimed to assess how dairy cow behaviour and production was affected on two commercial test farms in Devon and Monmouthshire during the September 2023 heatwave. This involved the use of Smartbell’s innovative ear tag technology, in combination with Galebreaker’s expertise in environmental control solutions; a collaboration which has yielded valuable insights into the effects of heat stress on dairy cattle, and paves the way for future advancements in farm management techniques.

Full Project report can be downloaded here.

Cows lying under VentTube