Meet the team

Meet the team

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Meet the team

Our company’s growth is a testament to the skill and expertise of our team, which has flourished under the guidance of our Board. Our Board members include Managing Director Jeremy Scudamore, Commercial Director Jamie Wilde, Financial Director Scott Cullen, and Technical Director Andrew Gardner.

Will Johnson

UK & Ireland Agri Sales Manager

Mike Bryan

Area Sales Manager

Matt Sellers

Area Sales Manager

Tim Hackett

Area Sales Manager

Mel Green

Market Support Manager

Roberta Allan-Glide

Project Manager

Rachel Woods

Market Support Administrator

Renata Williamson

Market Support Administrator

Amy Pallant

Market Support Administrator

Julius Kramer

Export Regional Manager (Northern Europe)

David Gauthier

Export Regional Manager (Southern Europe)

Piotr Koźlicki

Export Regional Manager (Eastern Europe)

Matt King

Product Support Team Lead

Scott Gearon

Ventilation Engineer