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Agricultural Ventilation Systems


Agricultural Ventilation Systems

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Farm Building Ventilation

Maintaining the movement of positive airflow throughout buildings is integral to minimising disease in livestock, reducing heat stress, optimising herd performance and preventing damage to crops and products in storage. Galebreaker offers industry leading mechanical and natural ventilation systems that offer the perfect guard against the elements.

Avoiding heat stress with adequate ventilation

All animals have what is known as a “Thermal Comfort Zone”. When their body temperature surpasses this zone there is a real risk of heat stress, which can result in reduced productivity and, in the most severe cases, even death. Natural or mechanical ventilation systems can help remove this danger and reduce the risks associated with high temperatures.

Perfecting ventilation and space requirements for livestock

Sheds that feel warm and damp upon entry often have inadequate airflow. Unless addressed, this lack of ventilation will result in disease, wet and unproductive livestock, and an extra cost in new bedding. By providing optimal airflow through natural or mechanical ventilation, and by providing enough space for animals to lie down, welfare and performance will often significantly improve.

The importance of ventilation for livestock buildings

Inadequate ventilation is probably the most significant cause of disease problems in livestock. Galebreaker ventilation is an efficient way to ensure optimal airflow for livestock structures and buildings. Adequate ventilation ensures that excess heat is moderated, relative humidity is reduced and harmful bacteria and viruses which cause diseases like pneumonia and mastitis are removed.