Your Guard Against the Elements

Providing flexible and secure access solutions 

Your Guard Against the Elements

Providing flexible and secure access solutions

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Access Solutions

From sectional doors to sliding doors, Galebreaker provides a variety of electrical and manual access solutions to suit all farm buildings.

Access solutions for wide openings

Large barns and other agricultural structures often have large openings that traditional access solutions will not work for. Galebreaker door systems, in particular the Trackscreen, have been designed with this mind, offering both temporary and permanent access using the best quality materials and components.

All-in-one door systems

Galebreaker door systems are built not just to provide efficient access to farm structures, but to improve the airflow and provide protection from adverse weather for livestock and crops. The best materials and designs have been used to ensure easy operation and guarantee many years of use in agricultural environments.

The importance of ventilation for livestock buildings

Housing conditions can have a significant impact on livestock welfare, growth rates, feed intake and disease. Managing ventilation with effective inlet and outlet positioning and uniform air flow through the building will manage temperatures and humidity, reduce concentrations of Ammonia (NH3), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), remove odour and the build up of pathogens.