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Your Guard Against the Elements

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Galebreaker Equine

Galebreaker manufactures weather protection and ventilation solutions for horse and rider. Adequate ventilation ensures the perfect environment is created for horses to thrive, and our weather protection options provide protection against the elements while maintaining a light, airy space.

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Proper ventilation for stables and barns

A good supply of clean, fresh air reduces the risk of moisture build-up, humid conditions and harmful air-bourne pathogens. Stale air is a leading cause of common respiratory diseases found in stabling. Our natural and mechanical ventilation solutions are specifically designed to improve the air quality and overall welfare of your horses.

Flexible weather protection

Tailor-made weather protection screens in a variety of colours to suit your buildings, can be installed and removed quickly. Low cost flexible solution that allows you to re-purpose any building and provide protection from the elements.

Ideal conditions to work and ride

Light and airy working conditions should be considered essential for both horse and rider. Galebreaker’s cutting-edge fabric engineered solutions are specifically designed for maximum light transmission and ventilation, for stabling and indoor arenas.