Your Guard Against the Elements

Dairy Farm Building Solutions

Your Guard Against the Elements

Dairy Farm Building Solutions

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The very first Galebreaker was designed and developed for use on the Scudamore’s dairy farm. Our product portfolio has grown to encompass the very latest technology in fully automated variable ventilation systems and smart farm building control. We still pride ourselves in being market leaders in fast fit, clip-on Bayscreens and spring-operated Rollerscreens providing economical, farm-fit solutions for every building.

Managing Heat Stress

Ensuring the optimal temperature in cubicle housing and transition areas is vital to reducing heat stress in dairy cows. This will improve pregnancy rates and stabilise milk yields particularly during the summer months.

Download this brochure to learn more about mitigating heat stress in the dairy environment. 

Calf Building Design

Fresh air delivered to the micro-environment of the calf without creating a draught is vital to protect against common respiratory diseases associated with poorly ventilated buildings. Every Galebreaker installation is a bespoke solution designed specifically for your building.

Livestock Housing: Best Practice

Putting energy and resources toward preparing livestock housing will ensure buildings have the ideal environment to produce healthy, productive animals. Proper attention paid to ventilation management across all age groups will ensure the threat of respiratory disease, and the subsequent expenses incurred, are minimised.