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Your Guard Against the Elements

Sheep & Beef Farming Solutions

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Beef & Sheep

Housing conditions can have a significant impact on livestock welfare, growth rates, feed intake and disease. Managing ventilation with effective inlet and outlet positioning and uniform air flow through the building will manage temperatures and humidity, reduce concentrations of Ammonia (NH3), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), remove odour and the build up of pathogens.

Humidity Management

High levels of moisture and persistent damp in housing give the ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive. Ensuring the building is weatherproof reduces the bedding requirement of housed livestock. Well managed ventilation reduces humidity levels that allow harmful respiratory infections to occur.

Lambing and Calving

Galebreakers fabric solutions offer flexible weather protection and ventilation products allowing buildings to be re-purposed at short notice. We manufacture a range of high performance materials specifically with youngstock protection in mind.

Livestock Housing: Best Practice

Putting energy and resources toward preparing livestock housing will ensure buildings have the ideal environment to produce healthy, productive animals. Proper attention paid to ventilation management across all age groups will ensure the threat of respiratory disease, and the subsequent expenses incurred, are minimised.