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Arable Farming Solutions

Flexible access and weather protection solutions for all farm buildings. Galebreaker’s robust door and screening options are suitable for up to 20m widths and 10m heights, in a range of colours and materials.

Protection from birds and ground vermin

Protection from birds and ground vermin: Assurance legislation requires crop and feed storage buildings to be adequately protected against pests. Keeping vermin away from valuable foodstuffs avoids spoilage and minimises disease risk.

Breathable, yet secure building

It is vitally important to allow adequate ventilation into feed and crop storage areas, to avoid the build-up of humidity and moisture. Consider a door design that can accommodate both ventilation and weather protection.

Equipping large buildings

Wide open span buildings can be a challenge to adequately protect against the weather and vermin ingress.  Access and internal layout can be compromised, under-utilising valuable space.  Traditional access solutions can be prohibitively expensive requiring third party specialist installation.  Fabric engineered doors provide flexibility, value and are sold as a self-fit product.