VentTube Fresh – Specialist ventilation for animal welfare

VentTube Fresh – Specialist ventilation for animal welfare

VentTube Fresh

The VentTube range has been designed and developed in conjunction with livestock ventilation experts. Crucially, VentTubes push warm, stale air out and bring in clean, fresh air.  VentTubes are custom designed to suit the needs of the livestock and requirements of the building.
Every VentTube Fresh is designed to provide a calculated supply of fresh, equally dispersed air at animal level to remove moisture, gases, airborne pathogens, and excess heat from livestock environments.
Research has shown Positive Pressure Tube Ventilation (PPTV) provides a significant improvement in air quality, reducing risk of respiratory disease (Radostits et al., 2000; Callan and Garry, 2002).

Product Details

Galebreaker designs and manufactures a bespoke tube, based on a range of factors including type, number and age of livestock, dimensions of building and location. Our VentTubes are constructed from an industrial-grade, PVC material featuring welded seams to ensure long service life.
Every VentTube is supplied as a complete kit ready for a successful installation, with guarantees on both the fan and tube material.

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