VentTube Cool – Specialist ventilation for animal welfare

VentTube Cool – Specialist ventilation for animal welfare

VentTube Cool

VentTube Cool provides an all-in-one solution for reducing heat stress produced by poor ventilation in livestock barns and sheds. By increasing the volume and velocity of air flowing out of the tube, a chill effect can be produced. With an innovative retraction system that hoists up the tube when not in use, VentTube Cool distributes clean, cool air over large areas and maintains optimal temperatures for both increased animal comfort and productivity.

During the September 2023 heatwave, Galebreaker undertook an Innovate UK funded project showing how AI can be used to enhance future dairy farming practices. The Animal-Centred Controlled Environment for Dairy (ACCED) indicated that lying times decrease and milk yields become depress during times of extreme heat, and ventilation solutions such as VentTube Cool can help mitigate such impact. The full report can be downloaded below

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Product Details

VentTube Cools are fitted as standard with a mechanical retraction system to prevent damage from cross wind and accidental damage when not in-use.

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